In brief


    Current trade suffers from limited interoperability, limited visibility of orders, shipments, finance and supply chains, inefficient manual processes, and limited trustworthiness of data.


    The lack of trust in international supply chains hampers data sharing, promoting paper-heavy, opaque, risky manual processes and lack of automation.


    Revolutionise trade by bringing the physical, information and financial supply chains together. The digitisation of trade, together with new technologies like blockchain, present a long-awaited solution making trade fast, paperless, transparent and safe.

Facilitating trade

Formalising relations and providing trust

ÐΞLIVΞR exists to help you pursue the perfect way to run your organisation you seem to crave

  1. improving productivity and quality
  2. increasing transparency among parties
  3. reinventing products and processes

connect once, connect to all

trade logistics, supply-chain management, customs and border regulatory processes, insurance, cross-border payments and trade finance

Our services

  • transparency

    Track orders, shipments and finance in real time published direct from the source - without the back and forth.
  • trust

    Formalising relations and verifying data, especially when parties do not know each other. Reduce supplier and customer risk enabling any supply chain partner to validate the trustworthiness of a legal entity and its data with which it looks to do business.
  • interoperability

    Connect once, and connect to all to integrate processes within your supply chain, build trust with each other, standardise data elements, and establish robust collaboration.
  • security

    Improve data sharing and collaboration with supply chain partners with powerful permission-based sharing.

do everything, trade anything, connect with everyone

Network of networks

ÐΞLIVΞR connects trade and logistics networks which today still operate in isolation. By connecting these digital islands we empower trade data and documents on one platform to be transferable to other networks.

Our solution bridges existing infrastructure creating interoperability, provide frictionless access to trusted data, enabling end-to-end visibility of orders, shipments, finance and supply chains. Without leading to portal fatigue as you do not have to manage a plethora of integrations, systems and processes.

We facilitate the interaction between supply chain participants without having access to your sensitive commercial and financial data. Thus, you decide how your data may be used or shared and by whom.

do everything,
trade anything,
connect with everyone


The network exists of cross-industry players who work together - they trade, provide services and/or contribute to a necessary capability.

The platform consists of the fundamental set of core infrastructure - underpinned by blockchain, functionality and open interfaces.

The services part are the functionalities offered by service providers that you can utilise to optimise your physical and/or financial supply chain.

We have been honoured to bring life to an idea

thought leaders in logistics, information technology and finance

Now we ask you to join our “grand vision”

When people come together to exchange ideas, they share an experience that aligns their minds and moves them forward with unified momentum. Yet sometimes an idea is so big that communicating it in one moment isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need to create a movement. We - industry thought leaders in logistics, technology and finance - aim ÐΞLIVΞR to become an open and neutral industry platform.

open and neutral industry platform

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